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A Brief History of Redeemer Baptist Church

“I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matt. 16:18, ESV). These highly prized words of our Lord Jesus Christ are rooted in His great love for the church and reveal to us His purpose to build His glorious church. The Lord Jesus, having determined in eternity to do so, conceived Redeemer Baptist Church through a group of four families that united for the purpose of establishing an assembly of called-out ones who would worship and serve the Lord as one body. The group’s first major step was studying through the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith in order to confirm a unity of doctrine and purpose in the members. Having completed this study and rejoicing in such unity, the group began meeting for worship on Sunday, March 24, 1998, bearing the name Redeemer Baptist Fellowship.

Our gracious God was pleased to bless our fellowship with unity and growth over the next three years so that on March 25, 2001, with the aid of two Reformed Baptist churches, we constituted as Redeemer Baptist Church. Sixteen adult members embraced the Covenant of Membership and heartily took the vow of membership to officially form this new local church of Jesus Christ.

Since constituting as one of His churches the Lord has been pleased to work mightily in our midst. We have experienced the great joy of conversions, many of them our own children. An appreciation for and practice of worship on the Lord’s Day has grown, and our congregation can truly be called a praying congregation. Two additional elders were raised up and ordained to serve in the church so that three elders now shepherd the flock. Though not a large body, there has been much opportunity for service in the kingdom of God on the local, national, and world scene. For the opportunity and privilege to serve we are humbled and thankful to the great Head of the Church. Our ability to serve the kingdom has been enhanced through our membership in the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America (ARBCA) and the Georgia Association of Confessional Baptist (GACB). As members of these associations we are able to minister to other churches and thus keep the big picture of the kingdom ever before us.

The conception, birth, growth and sustaining of Redeemer Baptist Church has been and continues to be a testimony to the grace and faithfulness of our Lord Jesus Christ. For this we are eternally thankful.
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