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Prayer and Thanks

By: Jake WallsPrayer and Thanks-PDF

“The unvarnished truth is that what we most frequently give thanks for
betrays what we most highly value.”
D. A. Carson, A Call to Spiritual Reformation

What do you give thanks for in your prayers most often? Carson points out that this is a general indicator of what we value. If we pray often for wealth and prosperity, then it is safe to say that we value a comfortable life. Paul gives thanks in his prayers for many things, but rarely are they material blessings.

We need to consciously try to steer our praying towards holiness and Christ likeness. We need to pray less about work and more about worship. We need to pray more about unity and less about our retirement plans. Paul’s prayers may startle us when we read them because we do not pray for spiritual blessings enough. Paul prays for growing faith and gives thanks for it when he sees it in the churches. He prays for endurance, increasing love, unity and perseverance in the face of trials and gives thanks when he observes these things.

Paul tells us to set our minds on things above, and this certainly includes our prayers (Col. 3:1). If what we cherish belongs to the realm of Christ and His values then our prayers will reflect His will and be filled with spiritual thoughts.

So I ask again, what are you praying for and giving thanks for in your prayers?

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