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Excellent Worship

By: Jake WallsExcellent Worship-PDF

“Modern man worships his work, works at his play, and plays at his worship.”
Donald Whitney, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

This is perhaps one of the worst possible statements that could be spoken of a culture. Yet if we are honest, there is a lot of truth in the above statement for us to consider.

Forget the first two phrases, and meditate on the last phrase, “plays at worship.” Excellent worship has been neglected in modern Christianity. We should work hard at worshiping well. We should desire to improve our singing, praying, listening, and preaching because God is worthy of our best. The word worship comes from the old English word “worthsip”, which helps us understand that the glorious being that we worship is fundamental to our worship. He is worthy of our best and so we should strive to bring him excellent worship in faith, just like Abel, Noah, Abraham and many others who have gone before us have done.

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